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The Help You Need

With our dedicated and compassionate team, we strive to deliver personalised NDIS supports that truly cater to your needs. Our focus is empowering you to live your best life, ensuring every step of your NDIS journey is about fostering independence and enhancing your quality of life.
MAK Supports helps you engage with your local community, facilitating involvement in social events and activities. We encourage you to explore local resources and services, building confidence and enriching your life through active community participation.
We understand the importance of a safe, comfortable space. Mak Supports assists in identifying suitable housing solutions that cater to your unique needs, ensuring your living environment is conducive to both your comfort and independence.
NDIS plans can be complex. At Mak Supports, we simplify the process, helping you understand your plan, your rights, and the types of support you can access. We strive to make navigating the NDIS an effortless and empowering experience for you.
MAK Supports provides comprehensive assistance during your NDIS meetings and reviews. We ensure your goals are well represented, help you prepare for discussions, and guide you through any adjustments, enabling a smoother, more beneficial NDIS journey.
With MAK Supports, learning never stops. We offer personalised programs to help you acquire new skills and knowledge, enhancing your independence and enriching your experiences. From daily life skills to vocational training, we’ve got you covered.
Building meaningful social connections can greatly enhance your quality of life. MAK Supports provides opportunities to meet and interact with others, fostering mutual support networks. We help you cultivate lasting relationships, contributing to your emotional well-being and sense of belonging.

Why Choose MAK Supports?